Our History and Growth

Of course, all our schools existed a long time before academies were established and thrived as Voluntary Aided schools.  Many schools in our Trust and across the Diocese are well over 50 years old, they have a proud history that pre-dates any of the milestones below.  We are delighted to provide the foundation for each school’s future, passing on the faith as a chain of memory.


Date   Schools
September 2015

Formation of the St Alban Catholic Academies Trust (Luton, Dunstable and Houghton Regis) - St Martin de Porres, St Margaret of Scotland and Cardinal Newman School


September 2017

Formation of the St Peter’s Catholic Academies Trust (Slough) - St Anthony’s, St Ethelbert’s and St Joseph’s

3 + 3

January 2018

St Alban Catholic Academies Trust grows - St Vincent’s Catholic Primary school and St Mary’s Catholic Primary School join the St Alban Catholic Academies Trust

5 + 3

February 2020

Formation of the St Thomas Catholic Academies Trust- merger of the St Alban Catholic Academies Trust and St Peter’s Catholic Academies Trust




Our trust will continue to grow under the direction of the Diocese of Northampton.  It is the stated vision of the Diocese that all schools should join either the ‘south MAT’, the St Thomas Catholic Academies Trust,or the ‘North MAT’, Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Academies Trust.  The Trust is seeking to support this transition through deep partnership with all schools across the partnership areas that cover Luton, Slough and Buckinghamshire.