Admission at Reception/Year 7

Admissions to our schools at Reception and Year 7 are administered by the relevant local authority.  


Admission appeals at Reception/Year 7 are administered by your local authority.  Please click on the link for more information.

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Luton: Cardinal Newman Catholic School, St Margaret of Scotland Catholic Primary School, St Martin de Porres Catholic Primary School

 Appeals process for school admissions (


Central Beds: St Mary's Catholic Primary School, St Vincent's Catholic Primary School

School admission appeals | Central Bedfordshire Council

Slough: St Joseph's Catholic High School, St Anthony's Catholic Primary School, St Ethelbert's Catholic Primary School

School admissions appeals – Slough Borough Council

Bucks: Our Lady's Catholic Primary School, St Edward's Catholic Junior School, St Joseph's Catholic Infant School, St Joseph's Catholic Primary School, St Louis Catholic Primary School, St Michael's Catholic School, St Peter's Catholic Primary School

School appeals | Buckinghamshire Council


In-Year Admissions

In-year admissions are administered by each school individually.  Please contact your school of choice for further information.

Admission Policy for St Margaret of Scotland, St Martin de Porres, St Mary's and St Vincent's Catholic Primary Schools - Luton & Central Beds
Admissions Policy for St Anthony's and St Ethelbert's Catholic Primary Schools, Slough
Admission Policy for Cardinal Newman Catholic School, Luton and St Joseph's Catholic High School, Slough
Admission Policies for Our Lady's, St Joseph's, St Louis and St Peter's Catholic Primary Schools, St Edward's Catholic Junior School and St Joseph's Catholic Infant School 
Admissions Policy for St Michael's Catholic School, Bucks

Please contact your school of choice for supplementary forms.